BFSMS Students Win Big!

BFSMS Students Win Big!

Submitted By Lindsay McGrath


The students at Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs (BFSMS) have been busy working hard this spring, resulting in some very impressive victories!

In February, students in grades 2-8 participated in the Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA) District 7A competition, which includes 19 contest categories covering a wide range of disciplines in 59 academic contests. The students dedicated many hours in the months leading up to prepare for the PSIA competition. On the day of the event, BFSMS students were prepared, composed, and excited for victory and they did not disappoint. BFSMS walked away with four 1st place wins, one 2nd place, four 3rd place seats and three 4th place victories! Several of the following students qualified to represent BFSMS at the State Meet on May 5 at the TCU campus in Fort Worth:

  • Aaron Albrecht: 1st in Number Sense-4 and 1st in Mathematics-4
  • Fourth Grade Student: 1st in Music Memory-3,4
  • Abby Madera: 1st in Ready Writing-7
  • Naisha Chaudhary: 2nd in Spelling-2
  • Alex Hartshorn: 3rd in Maps, Graphs, Charts-8
  • Eli Madera: 3rd in Spelling-4, 4th in Mathematics-4
  • Gabby Esparza: 3rd in Spelling-6, 3rd in Maps, Graphs, Charts-6,
  • Damian Reyna: 4th in Music Memory-3,4
  • Jared Williams: 4th in Impromptu Speaking-8

Just a week later, the middle school students competed at the Alamo Regional Academy of Science and Engineering (ARASE). Over 700 local middle and high school students participated, and BFSMS once again walked away with several victories! Eight students participated, which included three partner projects and two individual experiments.

Alex Hartshorn and Charlie Seifert earned 1st Place Grand Prize Team for their project which investigated various types of water filters that can be constructed with commonly found materials, testing for the filters ability to remove bacteria and metals from either salt water or lake water. Josh Kosub and Jared Williams placed 2nd in Team I for their experiment which investigated if sound waves have the same particle wave duality characteristics as light waves using the single and double slit. Both of these dynamic-duos have qualified for the State competition! But, the excitement doesn’t end there!

Zaar Songadwala received Special Awards from the Men’s Gardening Club and the Boerne & SA Native Plants Society as well as earning 5th place in the Junior Botany Division for his project which investigated the impact of mangroves on coastlines particularly weathering and erosion. Talent runs in the family, with Zreh Songadwala placing 5th for his project which investigates aquaponics, an integrated cycle for growing fish and plants. Caiden Heausler and JJ Towell also placed 4th in their Team category with a project that investigated load capacities of maglev trains.

BFSMS is incredibly proud of their students. A special thank you to Mr. Justin Hartshorn for his dedication to the Middle School STEM program and not only teaching, but inspiring and encouraging the students to explore, experiment, improve, and uncover the wonders of science.

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