Brandeis Fire Cadets To Conduct Safety Presentations

Brandeis Fire Cadets To Conduct Safety Presentations

Submitted By Dr. Anthony Rogers


Brandeis High School Fire Science Program (student fire cadets) will begin conducting fire safety presentations at NISD elementary campuses accompanied by Brandeis’ very own “Blaze, the Bronco Fire Safety Horse” who will bring fire safety awareness to the youngest learners (second and third graders). The junior and senior fire cadets will use their skills and knowledge learned regarding fire safety to teach elementary children within NISD. In addition, the elementary children will be taught skills such as stop-drop-roll and how to crawl to safety in case their home is on fire.

The risk of fire death varies by age group, race, region, and community size. Children under five face the highest risk of fire death with school age children between 5-9 ranking second (National Fire Protection Association). Fewer children die in fires today compared to 10 years ago thanks, in part, to an increase in public fire education and prevention efforts from the fire service and local school districts through fire safety outreach.

Additionally, “Blaze” will assist the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD), “Leaders in Fire Education (L.I.F.E.)” program targeting second and fifth graders within the Northside Independent School District. The program involves SAFD adopting local elementary school where they mentor students. “Blaze” will assist by providing a monthly presentation. The fire department will bring their fire engine for the children to view.

In 2013, 334 children died in-home fires. Eighty-seven percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires, which spread rapidly and can leave families as little as two minutes to escape once an alarm sounds. This is why we all need to be careful and educated when it comes to fire safety. In conclusion, fire safety outreach is saving lives of elementary children and worthy for consideration to fund.