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Alamo Heights Student Named 2016 Fencing National Champ

Submitted By Velizar Iliev

alamo-heights-fencing-champ_1On November 11, Alamo Heights Junior School student Isaac Oden earned the title of 2016 Fencing National Champion in Youth 10 Men’s Epee event held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Isaac competed against Top 40 fencers across the country for the Youth 10 event. He managed to remain undefeated throughout the five hour tournament. During the final bout for the Gold Medal, Isaac defeated Spencer Burke from San Diego 10:7, earning him the 2016 National Champion title. Isaac also received E-2016 fencing classification rating.

Isaac has been training and competing for three years. The sport of fencing has presented him unique opportunities to travel and helped him form friendships with other athletes across the United States and beyond. Isaac belongs to the Olympian Fencing Club in San Antonio and trains with some of the best fencers in the nation. He is coached by Velizar Iliev, a United States Olympian and three-time World Champion. For more information about this competition or Olympian Fencing Club, please visit


Enjoy A Happy, Safe New Year With Your Pets

Submitted By Lisa Norwood

Keep your furry friends safe into the New Year with helpful tips from Animal Care Services.

Now that the holidays have come and gone and the cold weather is here to stay, people will be spending more time indoors entertaining. Residents may want to include their pets in the merrymaking but that could mean trouble without a few elementary precautions. Here are some simple tips.

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Making A New Year’s Resolution To Remodel!

By Mike and Molly Sowry

After all the holiday festivities have passed and the ball has dropped, ringing in the New Year, countless resolutions regarding change are being made. Perhaps, for you, 2017 is the year that one of those changes is a home remodel!

January is a great time to take stock of the areas in your home that work for you and the areas that just simply do not. It’s time to take the great ideas that have been formulating in the back of your mind and put them into action. It’s time to make an effort, turn the corner, and charge ahead. And with the best of intentions, you’re ready to make a New Year’s remodeling resolution!

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