Holy Spirit Catholic School Principal Honored

(L-R) Holy Spirit Catholic School’s Director of Admissions and Communication Mary Delaney, Principal Margaret Webb, and Counselor and Campus Minister Maria Sison-Abinsay pose after announcing to faculty and staff that their principal, Mrs. Webb, was chosen for Outstanding Leader Award for Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Submitted By Mary Delaney

When you take an individual with 30+ years of experience in administration and education, coupled with a seasoned and talented staff, the combination is dynamic. This is such the case at Holy Spirit Catholic School (HSCS). In February 2017, level leaders collaborated on nominating their principal, Mrs. Margaret Webb, for the Outstanding Leader in Catholic Education. Official results were revealed in early March from the archdiocese and Mrs. Webb did indeed make the cut. She will formally accept the award in May.

In 2012, Mrs. Webb came to HSCS armed with Catholic values, leadership skills and a great passion for Catholic education. She quickly identified the school’s strengths and challenges while developing her vision for the direction of the school and community. Among her priorities was the establishment of professional development for teachers that included innovative educational trends. She has enhanced current programs and established new ones to better serve the needs of her students.

Mrs. Webb’s leadership skills are apparent when she leads staff meetings, especially HSCS’s “Back to School Inservice Week.” She is always modeling and using her creative ideas to bring faculty meetings to life. Beginning with a prayer or a scripture reading, there is a connection or lesson the faculty can use for reflection. Mrs. Webb is a visionary with an extraordinary ability to foresee the needs and challenges of her school and plan ahead to meet those challenges should they arise.

Mrs. Webb is also known for her “open door policy” benefitting everyone from a teacher with a problem to a parent with a concern. She will always stop what she is doing and take time to listen. She is constantly walking the campus, popping into classrooms and joining in on lessons being taught. She will make a point to greet parents with a smile every morning in car line. She loves to converse and ask the students for their opinion on new ideas she may have. For example, she consulted the eighth graders for input on the class gift, and the design for a new Spirit day t-shirt.

Mrs. Webb is very involved with the School Council and Parent Teacher Council. She serves on various committees. Some include Building Fund Committee, Strategic Planning, and on other committees related to the Archdiocese. Although Mrs. Webb lives out of town and is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Comfort, Texas, she makes a point of occasionally attending Sunday Masses at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. On special occasions, she is asked to speak to the congregation. For example, during the 2016 Catholic Schools Week, her inspiring and motivating speech moved a parishioner to donate a substantial amount of money to the school.

Her passion for Catholic education radiates with her actions, words and deeds. The Holy Spirit community is very blessed to have a leader that will always put God first to help lead the school.