From Commander To Scholarship Doctor

Special To Welcome Home

A local Air Force Veteran is changing lives all over America – and San Antonio – with his unique scholarship delivery programs that help families avoid the ever-increasing cost of college! Major (r) Nippy Betz has helped 11-year olds earn over $60,000; middle schoolers earn upwards of $80,000; two students earn over $1,000,000; hundreds earn six figures; and over 150 kids earn over-payments where they are actually paid to go to college!

Major Betz’s refreshing message is spreading across America. He recently shared his gift in a popular TED Talk entitled: “How To Graduate College Debt-Free!”

“There is no shortage of scholarships, there never has been, there never will be!” he stated. “All there is is a lack of knowledge on how to acquire them!”

Major Betz is a keynote speaker, TV personality, author, and scholarship coach fondly referred to as the “Moses of Education.” This former Air Force Commander turned Master Scholarship & Leadership Instructor conducts scholarship acquisition training, college-prep workshops, webinars, and scholarship/leadership training for teenagers, college students, their parents, counselors, AAU teams, churches, and businesses. As founder of the Scholarship Leadership Institute, he even conducts small home group meetings to teach families how to graduate debt-free.

Major Betz hopes to tear down a parent’s list of reasons of why their children can’t earn scholarships. “I make too much money,” “I’m white,” “Only minorities win money for college,” and “My kid’s grades aren’t good enough,” are not valid excuses.

“Excuses are like armpits, everyone has a pair and they stink!” said the Major. “Who can win scholarships? Even parents who make $200,000 plus, kids of every race and color, B and C students, etc.”

Along with offering free seminars all over the city at schools, churches, businesses, and libraries, Major Betz’s company offers scholarship programs. However, he believes over 90 percent of parents and students will learn exactly what they need to do during his free events.

Visit to get your free scholarship assessment and learn your student’s Scholarship Avatar. You can also listen to testimonials from students he’s helped and register for an upcoming webinar or life event. Get your student on the right path to full-paid college tuition!