How To Effectively Search For Scholarships

How To Effectively Search For Scholarships

Submitted By Nippy Betz


Scholarship search tools are plentiful, yet many families don’t effectively use them. They normally pick one or two commonly used scholarship databases like or, praying that they will receive scholarship opportunities via email and win what they need to attend the college of their choice. Nothing could be further from the truth! While you may receive some good scholarship opportunities to pursue, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

According to Fastweb’s “Scholarship Success Secrets” presentation, only 0.3 percent of students receive enough scholarships to cover the cost of attendance, and 69 percent who win receive less than $2,500. These are discouraging stats, but working with families over the past 14 years, I know these figures can be overcome with the right scholarship search activity. However, families still need to be careful.

Many scholarship search sites like Fastweb, will send students a ton of “lottery” scholarships. These types of scholarships almost always sound too good to be true and will offer your student $500 to $10,000 by simply filling out a three-minute application and/or by writing a 140 to 250-character paragraph/essay. In many instances, companies have set up a contract with a third party vendor who seek the email addresses of students and/or parents within certain demographics so the companies can market their products to them. While someone actually will win the promised scholarship(s), the rest of the applicants will find themselves the target of intense marketing by these companies. So, by purchasing your coveted email addresses, they increase their sales, justifying the small amount the companies pay the third party vendor who in turn offers families a chance to win an even smaller amount of money through the scholarship database offers.

While there are hundreds of scholarship search databases, I recommend you also use Google to actually search for specific scholarships. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship in Engineering, search for it. Biology? Simply search Google using the term “biology scholarships.” Of course, there are more refined ways to conduct these searches, so I have developed proven methodologies to help families find these profitable scholarship opportunities! Visit and join me at an upcoming FREE workshop to learn more!