Enthusiastic Students Start The New Year

Special To Welcome Home

Students in art teacher Charis Taylor’s fifth-grade classroom not only got to learn two-point perspective but also were able to draw the tree house of their dreams in the process. “One of the reasons I teach the two-point perspective lesson is, not only to hit the element of art-space, but also to have students use math skills and a ruler to draw the actual tree house,” Taylor said. “We do this two times to make sure that we all get the steps and concepts correct. It also gives them a chance to look at something from a different point of view and then draw it.” From there, the students were able to use their imaginations and choose a theme for their tree house. They were able to use iPads to explore their theme a bit more to help with visuals to add to their tree house. A couple of the more interesting tree house themes were The Wizard of Oz and Pokémon. To finish their works of art, students had their choice of a multitude of media including, pencils, sharpies, colored pencils and paint. “I love art class because it’s so much fun,” said student Victoria Beck. “You can always be as creative as you want to be.” Students in Taylor’s classroom recently completed a project painting Winter Birch Trees, and later this semester will work with string art and clay.