Future Wall Street Wizards At Johnson Ranch

Future Wall Street Wizards At Johnson Ranch

Submitted By Jason Gordon


Johnson Ranch Elementary School is certainly full of competitive students. When they learned one of their classmates finished second in The Stock Market Game in the 2016-17 school year, JRES students wanted higher dividends.

They certainly got it during the first semester of 2017-18, as Johnson Ranch Elementary swept first, second and third place in The Stock Market Game. They were competing against many campuses from the San Antonio area all the way south to Corpus Christi.

The Stock Market Game curricula, lessons, and hands-on student activities combine content knowledge, critical thinking, research and analytical skills in a state-of-the-art, real-world, online simulation.

Jameson Maldonado won first place, Chandler Fuller and Annabelle Owers teamed up to take second place and Daniel Hall finished in third place.

“We’ve been participating in The Stock Market Game for four years now, but I really saw the competitive spirit come out in the students once we earned a second place last year,” said Patti Cowsert, G/T Facilitator. “When I saw this year’s results, I was like ‘Yes, We’re doing something really good right here at Johnson Ranch!’”

During The Stock Market Game, students have a chance to research companies before purchasing their stocks. During the game, students can buy and sell their stocks online on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s as close to real-time trading as you can get,” Cowsert said. “It’s really cool to see them doing a higher-level learning activity and soaking it up like sponges. They just loved it.”

Maldonado said his strategy for winning was investing in smaller companies such as Auto Zone, that he researched and discovered were trending upward. He said the only high-dollar stock he purchased was Google.

“I liked it because it gave us real-world experience,” said Maldonado. “I knew I did well but I was surprised I won.”

Maldonado added that his stock experience is about to literally become real-world very soon.

“Because of my success my dad’s already setting up a stock market account in my name so I can make real trades,” he said. “The chance to make real money with the stock market is so exciting to me.”

Fuller was excited to pick Owers as her teammate for The Stock Market game, which allows you to enter either as an individual or as a team of two.

“We’re best friends, so the decision was easy,” Fuller said. “We did a lot of research. For example, we knew Apple was going to come out with the new iPhone soon. There was also a rumor Amazon stock was going to go down, but it turned out to be false, so it turned out to be a good purchase.”

Hall wasn’t in the top three heading into the last day, so he did what many Wall Street investors have done over the years – he took a big risk. He put all of his money into Amazon stock with one day to go and that move vaulted him into the top three.

“That move left me with a lot more money than I had before,” Hall said. “I really like the game because you get to come up with many different strategies along the way. It’s kind of like life I guess.”