Making A New Year’s Resolution To Remodel!

By Mike and Molly Sowry

After all the holiday festivities have passed and the ball has dropped, ringing in the New Year, countless resolutions regarding change are being made. Perhaps, for you, 2017 is the year that one of those changes is a home remodel!

January is a great time to take stock of the areas in your home that work for you and the areas that just simply do not. It’s time to take the great ideas that have been formulating in the back of your mind and put them into action. It’s time to make an effort, turn the corner, and charge ahead. And with the best of intentions, you’re ready to make a New Year’s remodeling resolution!

If you’re thinking that 2017 is the year to make changes to your home, we have compiled a few tips for you to get started:

TIP #1: Plan For When To Remodel. Consider the best times for your home to be under construction, especially if you plan on living in your home during renovation. Since many families tend to travel more during the summer months, summer is a great time to get the more invasive work out of the way.

TIP #2: Research Your Design. One of the best ways to prepare for your meeting with a professional remodeler is to find pictures of design elements that reflect your vision. Images are extremely helpful to demonstrate the style you prefer and what type of materials you like. A great online resource for this research is which offers thousands of ideas for every room in the house. On Houzz, you can also create your own idea book with links to share with your remodeler. One other online resource everyone loves is Pinterest. Both sites allow you to share images and even categorize them room-by-room.

TIP #3: Look For The Best Remodeler. Make sure to do your homework before committing to a remodeler. Always check references. Visit recent projects they have completed to get a sense of their craftsmanship. Find out who your single point of contact will be. When comparing companies, do not make your choice based on price alone. The lowest bidder is the lowest for a reason and probably not who you want working on your home. Remodeling professionals become part of your family during the process, so it’s important to be extremely comfortable with the firm you choose.

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