Meet Reagan JROTC’s Color Guard

Submitted By John Tijerina

Welcome to part two in this special series of articles explaining the unique purpose and activities of each Reagan JROTC team. Last month’s article highlighted Reagan’s Diamondback Drill Team. This month, Reagan Color Guard is the spotlight.

Color Guard is probably the most recognizable team in the Reagan JROTC. If you have ever watched a Reagan football game, attended ceremonies for Veteran’s Day or 9/11, or taken part in the various organization celebrations, business grand openings, and rededications in and around the Stone Oak community then you have probably seen one of the Reagan color guard teams.

A color guard team usually consists of two flag bearers (United States and Texas flags) and two guards. While ceremonial in nature, the color guard makes up one fourth of a drill competition’s overall score. Graded in precision marching, movements, appearance, knowledge, and adherence to strict protocol and regulations, the color guard phase can be as grueling as any other part of a the competition.

Reagan JROTC maintains four standard color guard teams: The Rattler Guard Armed Varsity, Venom Guard Armed Junior Varsity, Diamondback Unarmed Varsity, and the Silver Strike Unarmed Junior Varsity teams. However, in preparation for the many ceremonial requests for Veteran’s Day, the JROTC formed four additional teams in order to accommodate the demand. These teams are derived from the four main class periods known as the companies within the Rattler Battalion; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. While the color guard’s priority is Reagan Cluster schools on Veteran’s Day, the various color guard teams have been known to support local businesses and organizations such as Independence Hill Assisted Living Community, The Laurels and Haven Assisted Living Community, H-E-B, Education Service Center Region 20, KSAT 12 SA Living, The Waterford Assisted Living Community, and Chase Bank.

In all, the color guard teams from Reagan perform close to 40 ceremonies throughout the school year. Most recently, the Diamondback Color Guard posted the colors for The Puerto Rican Heritage Society (Sociedad Herencia Puertorriqueña) as they celebrated the 15th Festival of Puerto Rico at the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium on October 23.

Stay tuned for next month’s article highlighting the Raider Team!