More Than Money

More Than Money

By Alissa Reinhard

Take a moment and think about the most important things in your life. Your

family – your children, parents and siblings. Your home – where you’ve created

countless memories. Your career – years of education, hard work and perseverance. Life

is filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. It’s simply impossible to prepare for every

roadblock, but it is possible to protect the things that mean the most to you.

Jennifer L. Scroggins and Brent McCrary, financial advisors with Platinum Wealth Solutions of

Texas, LLC have dedicated their careers to working with individuals seeking a solution to

their financial needs, a goal for their financial future, and the peace of mind that comes

with financial stability.

What does a financial advisor do? Simply stated, a financial advisor is a person

who is employed to provide financial services or guidance to clients. However, this black

and white definition does not encompass the breadth of responsibilities, emotion, time,

and passion that both Jennifer and Brent pour into their work.

Jennifer entered the financial services industry in 1992. Upon her divorce in 2000,

she faced a number of painstaking financial dilemmas all of which led her to dedicate her

career to helping others in similar situations, particularly women. Brent began his career

in finance in 2008, right before the Great Recession, when he began noticing many of his

friends postponing their retirement due to their 401Ks declining value and unfair

treatment by their financial advisors.

“We are passionate about the advice we can give and the lessons we can teach,”

explained Jennifer. “And through education, we all gain the confidence necessary in

making those tough decisions. We are motivated to grow our business, making sure that

our clients, family and friends learn from our experiences.”

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a financial advisor – from a millennial just

starting out their career to a senior citizen turning 90. An individual at any age may be

wondering if they’re making the right decisions with their money.

“Whether it’s leaving enough money to the next generation, being able to provide

for their family in the event of a tragedy, worrying about having enough retirement

income, or the possibility of taxes being paid on the inheritance they plan to leave their

family, it’s about more than just ‘the money,’” explained Jennifer. “It’s about providing

individuals with the peace of mind we can provide through the planning process.”

If you’re ready to take control of your financial success – you’re the perfect client

for Jennifer and Brent. Everyone has to make financial decisions throughout his or her

lifetime. Finding someone you can trust, someone you can share your most intimate goals

and fears with, while developing a strong relationship is the perfect equation for financial


“Jennifer and I find that while many of our clients are from different backgrounds,

most share the same fears when it comes to debt, divorce and retirement,” stated Brent.

“Each situation may have a different degree of complexity but many financial decisions

are equal in importance.”

Platinum Wealth Solutions never charges a fee to meet with new clients or

designing a plan to meet their goals – no matter how simple or complex they might be.

“Many folks are afraid because of the fees, or thinking they don’t have enough

saved to start thinking about planning,” explained Brent. “This meeting isn’t for us, it’s

for our clients. It’s important to communicate, put everyone on the same page, and work

together which allows us to ask the tough questions that aren’t often considered when

discussing the future.”

Communication is key in any partnership – business or marital – and Jennifer and

Brent understand that men and women think differently when it comes to financial

planning. Men are more concerned about the bottom line while women tend to fall back

on their feelings.

“As a male/female partnership, we can reach another level of creating trust and a

more personal relationship with our clients in order to truly understand what they would

like to accomplish,” explained Jennifer. “We understand that both have a voice and in

more and more instances, it’s the female who is making the financial decisions.”

Jennifer and Brent bring passion, knowledge and sense of stability to every

interaction, making sure that their clients understand all possible outcomes and are

comfortable with the tough decisions. They regularly meet with their clients, forming

relationships built on trust and confidence that will last a lifetime. And the duo practices

what they preach, relying upon strong family values and raising their children to

understand the importance of fiscal responsibility.

“Whenever we hear that sigh of relief or see that smile of accomplishment – often

followed by a great big hug – I know we’ve made a difference in someone’s life,”

explained Jennifer. “Helping clients turn their dreams into reality – whether they can now

retire, buy a business, pay for their grandchild’s education, get their finances back on

track after a divorce, etc. – that’s what’s truly rewarding.”