Not Your Average Birthday Party!

By Alissa Reinhard

When Vaquero, a waste and recycling provider, found out about Luke Taylor’s garbage truck-themed party, they decided to make one little boy’s birthday dream come true! Vaquero sent one of their trucks to appear at Luke’s third birthday party. He couldn’t have been more surprised!

This special birthday surprise was facilitated by Luke’s mom, Christine. This past Halloween, Christine made her son a garbage truck costume and afterwards, sent it to Vaquero.

Luke, who loves all trucks, but especially garbage trucks, enjoyed his birthday surprise.

“They loved it and put it up in their break room and shared it among the company,” explained Christine. “So when we asked if they’d be available to do an appearance, they will all about it. Luke has always loved watching the garbage trucks go through our neighborhood.”

Luke had no idea about this big birthday surprise. When it pulled up outside the house, he couldn’t wait to go outside and see it.

“While we rounded the corner of the house, Luke saw the garbage truck right at the end of the driveway and he was so excited!” described Christine. “He was shouting, ‘Garbage truck! Garbage truck!’ and squealing with delight. He was so happy and excited. It was such a touching moment for me as a mom to know that he truly enjoyed the surprise and that the company went out of their way to do that just for him.”

In addition to the special visit, Vaquero employees also came bearing presents and baseball caps for Luke’s birthday.

“It made our son’s day,” said Christine. We are so grateful and touched by Vaquero’s generosity and thoughtfulness. They were an amazing example of local businesses truly reaching out to be a part of the community and the neighborhoods they service.”