Panthers Celebrate Ten Years

Submitted By Kim Adamski

: In October, Lopez Middle School students celebrate 10 years of education at Pantherama.

Lopez Middle School celebrated 10 years of education on October 14 at the school’s annual event, Pantherama. Sponsored by Lopez PTA, Pantherama serves many purposes. The event brings together family and friends to celebrate the wonderful Lopez school community while helping school clubs fundraise for the year. Pantherama came to a close as it does every year with a dance in the cafetorium.

: Pantherama enjoyed its highest turnout this year with over 800 students, teachers, and families in attendance.

Attendance at this year’s special event peaked at over 800, a new record! Lopez PTA would like to thank all the volunteers who donated their time during the festival as well as the local Panther Contributors for their generous donations including Oak Tree Orthodontist, Schatz Orthodontics, Solis and Smith Law Firm, and Church Unlimited.

In other Panther news, Red Ribbon Week commenced October 24. To show their dedication to remaining drug free, Panther students wore red. The very creative Panther PALS also demonstrated their leadership skills by decorating the school with red ribbons and promoting the many ways to be drug free!

On the second day of Red Ribbon Week, students put a “cap on drugs” by wearing hats to school. Lopez PTA encouraged students to post a picture of their cap to the Lopez Facebook page and offered a cool giveaway to one lucky winner. And of course, in the spirit of the theme, the winner’s name was drawn from a hat!

The theme for the third day encouraged students to “team up against drugs” with the growing group of Wednesday Walkers by wearing their favorite team jerseys. Eighty-two students were in attendance during the morning walk to show their dedication to leading a drug free, healthy lifestyle. The following day, Lopez’s halls were filled with superheroes dressed for the fight against drugs. And to finish off the week, Lopez students and teachers “chilled out,” wearing their pajamas to school. What a fun way to be drug free!

The month of October also marked the end of the football and volleyball season for the Panthers. All of the Lopez athletes impressed with their phenomenal skills, especially the seventh grade Lady Panther Volleyball team who completed their season undefeated. Congratulations and Go Panthers!