Reagan Aids Hurricane Harvey Victims

 By Alissa Reinhard

Early Monday morning following the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the phones began ringing at Reagan High School. Parents, students and community members were eager to know how they could help.

Reagan PTA, Diamondbackers, and multiple other student organizations began to collaborate and planned a supply drive.

“The entire Reagan community was involved in the drive,” said Deanna Lauer, Reagan PTA President. “We solicited our entire student body and parents. We had volunteers from several organizations before and after school to collect items.”

A 26-foot moving truck parked on the Reagan campus was filled with needed supplies including non-perishable food, baby items (diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, bottles, sippy cups), water, flashlights, batteries, and personal hygiene items.

“Our Reagan community wanted to organize this drive to show our support for those who were effected by Hurricane Harvey,” explained Deanna. “We know how devastating the losses were by many. Many of our community members were directly impacted with family members having losses and also having those who were evacuated staying in their homes. Although this is a terrible situation, it gives such a good sense of the caring community which we live and how it truly does take a village.”

The drive culminated on a Thursday evening at the annual Rattler Round Up, a kick-off to begin the new school year celebrated with the entire Reagan community. Early the next morning, Jeff Buell, a member of the Reagan Diamondbacker Board, delivered the items in the full truck to the SA Food Bank. In total, the Reagan community donated 1,448 pounds worth of needed items.

“We were definitely impressed by the outpouring of support; however, we were not surprised,” said Deanna. “Our Reagan community always rallies whenever called upon in a helping situation. The best part is that it also allowed students to help and be a part with helping with collecting donations and filling the truck.”