Reagan Speech And Debate On Winning Streak


Submitted By Rhea Kamat

Even though the school year is winding down, Reagan Speech and Debate is continuing their impressive winning streak. With a different competition each weekend, Reagan Forensics has had numerous opportunities to demonstrate their talent.

At the National Glenbrooks Tournament in Chicago, Reagan placed first out in the entire country. Similarly, Reagan Speech and Debate placed first at the annual UT Austin Longhorn Classic Tournament. The team currently has 27 competitors qualified for state: Arasha Lalani, Katie Morris, Rhea Kamat, Susana Gutierrez, Christina Gayton, and Diego Quesada in Original Oratory; Juan Nunez, Christina Gayton, Susana Gutierrez, Liat Rosenberg, Kaylyn Pederson, Diego Quesada, and Kylee Nichols in Dramatic Interpretation; Harrison Webster, Susana Gutierrez, Arasha Lalani, Christina Gayton, Pablo Labiago, and Erica Martinez in Humorous Interpretation; Christina Gayton/Juan Nunez, Rhea Kamat/Arasha Lalani, Susana Gutierrez/Diego Quesada, and Erica Martinez/Leyla Montemayor in Duo Interpretation; Payton Antonacci/Kaylyn Pederson and Liat Rosenberg/ Harrison Webster in Duet Acting; Julian Galaz/Osman Khan, Anna Chavez/Jamie Volz, Harris Siddiqi/Alex Sodders, Afra Khan/Emma Li, Andy Liu/Alex Sodders, and Zory Montemayor/Jamie Volz in Cross Examination Debate; and Reeda Virani and Michael Corser in Lincoln Douglas Debate.

National Glenbrooks Tournament winners include Juan Nunez- 1st DUO, 1st POI; Christina Gayton- 1st DUO, 4th HI; Katie Morris- 3rd INFO, 4th OO; Arasha Lalani- 1st OO, Kaylyn Pederson- Semis DI, Quarters POI; Rhea Kamat- Semis OO, Diego Quesada- Semis OO; Alex Castro- Semis POI; Kylee Nichols- Semis DUO; Harrison Webster- Semis DUO; and Liat Rosenberg- Quarters DI.

UT Austin Longhorn Classic Tournament winners include Juan Nunez- 1st DUO, 2nd OI, 2nd POI (1st Top Speaker); Arasha Lalani- 1st OO, 1st HI, 4th DUO (2nd Top Speaker); Christina Gayton- 1st DUO, 3rd OO, 5th INFO (4th Top Speaker); Rhea Kamat- 2nd OO, 4th DUO; Katie Morris- 1st INFO, 6th OO; Kaylyn Pederson- 3rd OI, 6th POI, 6th INFO, 7th DI; Susana Gutierrez- 3rd DI, 7th HI; Diego Quesada- 6th OI, 7th OO; Alex Castro- 3rd POI; Haaris Siddiqi and Alex Sodders- Semis Policy; Reeda Virani- Triples LD; and Michael Corser- Triples LD.

University of Houston Tournament winners include Haaris Siddiqi and Alex Sodders- Quarters Policy.

Churchill winners include Arasha Lalani- 1st OO, 1st DUO; Rhea Kamat- 1st DUO, 2nd OO; Juan Nunez- 1st OI, 2nd POI; Diego Quesada- 3rd OO, 4th OI; Katie Morris- 2nd INFO, 5th OO; Christina Gayton- 3rd INFO, 5th DI; Susana Gutiérrez – 2nd HI; Kylee Nichols- 3rd DI; Alex Castro- 3rd POI; Kaylyn Pederson- 5th INFO; Harrison Webster- 6th HI; Tashya Makhani and Idalina Du- Semis Policy; Emma Li and Afra Khan- Quarters Policy; Reeda Virani- Doubles LD and Semis Foreign Exemp; Deena Main- Semis Foreign Exemp; and Michael Corser- Semis Foreign Exemp.

Smithson Valley winners include Susana Gutiérrez- 1st DUO, 1st PR, 5th PO; Arasha Lalani- 2nd PR, 2nd PO, 5th DI; Diego Quesada- 1st DUO, 3rd PR; Payton Antonacci- 2nd DA, 2nd OO; Christina Gayton- 1st PO, 4th PR; Kaylyn Pederson- 2nd DA, 4th DI; Pablo Labiaga- 2nd HI, 7th DUO; Harrison Webster- 4th PO, 6th PR; Erica Martinez- 4th DUO, 6th HI; Liat Rosenberg- 5th PR, 6th DUO; Blake Zimmerman- 6th DUO, 6th OO; Kylee Nichols- 2nd DI; Kiley Thomas- 4th OO; Alex Castro- 4th HI; Leyla Montemayor- 4th DUO; Mary Riley- 7th DUO; Haaris Siddiqi and Carlos Solis – Finals Policy; Alex Sodders and Andy Liu-Semis Policy; Jamie Volz and Zory Montemayor- Quarters Policy; Reeda Virani – Octos LD; and Michael Corser- Quarters LD.

Roosevelt winners include Arasha Lalani- 1st PR, 3rd PO, 3rd DUO; Blake Zimmerman- 2nd DUO, 3rd OO, 3rd INFO; Diego Quesada- 2nd DI, 2nd HI, 4th PR; Christina Gayton- 1st HI, 4th PO, 4th INFO; Erica Martinez- 1st DUO, 4th POI, 5th DA; Harrison Webster- 1st OO, 5th DUO, 5th PO, 2nd PR; Kylee Nichols- 3rd HI, 5th DA, 5th DUO; Ashley Rosen- 4th DA, 5th PR, 5th DI; Liat Rosenberg- 1st DI, 2nd DUO; Alex Castro- 2nd POI, 4th HI; Rhea Kamat- 3rd PR, 3rd DUO; Kaylyn Pederson- 3rd POI, 3rd DA; Leyla Montemayor- 1st DUO, 6th POI; Vanesa Chavez- 2nd PO, 6th PR; Maride Espada- 4th OO, 4th DA; Payton Antonacci- 3rd DA, 5th OO; Nayeli Diaz- 5th HI; Pablo Labiaga- 6th DUO; Mary Riley- 6th DUO; Alex Sodders and Andy Liu- 1st Policy; and Katie Pham and Jocelyn Epstein- Quarters Policy.

In February, Reagan Speech and Debate tested their skills at the District tournament with the winners qualifying for the National Speech and Debate tournament. Also in February, Debate Team also headed off to the National Berkeley Tournament in California. Overall, Reagan Forensics is on quite the winning streak with no plans of slowing down.