Reagan Spirit Shines During Summer Camps

Showmakers of America Camp Grand Champions Reagan High School Silver Stars.

Submitted By Leslie Lorenz

This summer, Ronald Reagan High School spirit groups attended Showmakers of America (SMA) camps to hone skills, build teamwork and prepare for the 2017-18 school year. Once again, all teams excelled and received numerous awards in their areas of expertise. Both the Dance and Drill Teams earned the distinction of Grand Champions at their respective camps, while the RHS mascots received the highest camp award of Mascot Camp Champions.


Dance and Drill SMA Officer Camp: Social Division 1 Superlatives: Sutton Bristol, Magaly Martinez, Brooke Furse; Miss Congeniality (runner up) Sutton Bristol; Highest Scoring Presentation Winners; Line: Sweepstakes Varsity Dance Team; Sweepstakes: Junior Varsity Drill Team; Turn Finalist (runner up) Lauren Asher; Special Recognition Home Routine: Junior Varsity Drill Team; Outstanding Home Routine: Varsity Dance Team; Special Recognition Camp Dance: Junior Varsity Drill Team; Outstanding Camp Dance: Varsity Dance Team; Superlatives: Taylor Bass, Emma Wood; Grand Champions: Highest Scoring Drill Team


Drill Team SMA Camp for Silver Stars: Team of the Day – Day 1; Most Disciplined Team of the Day – Day 3; Division 1 Most Admired Drill Team of Camp; Highest Scoring Home Routine; Superlatives: Emma Wood, Natalie Ravlin, Maddie Townsend, Nicole Garza, Ana Garza; Miss Showmaker: Emma Wood; Grand Champions.


Dance Team SMA Camp for Diamond Dancers: Team of the Day – Day 1; Most Disciplined Team of the Day – Day 3; Sweepstakes; Most Admired Team; Miss Leaps Finalists: Francesca Morell; Sutton Bristol, Peyton Nichols, Brooke Lester; Miss Leaps Peyton Nichols; Miss Leaps (runner up) Sutton Bristol; Miss Turns Finalists: Lauren Asher, Taylor Bass, Maria Gu, Emily Kiolbassa, Abi Garcia, Emily Cwiklik; Miss Turns (runner up): Maria Gu, Emily Kiolbassa; Miss High Kick Finalists: Peyton Nichols, Emily Cwiklik; Home Routine Outstanding Performance; Highest Scoring Camp Dance; Superlatives: Taylor Bass, Lily Almendarez, Brooke Furse, Lauren Asher, Sutton Bristol; Miss Showmaker (runner up) Taylor Bass; Grand Champions


Cheer Camp: The Reagan High School cheer teams attended the 2017 UCA Master’s Camp at Louisiana State University. They had an amazing camp experience and received the distinction of Best Crowd Leading Cheer and Most Innovative Stunts.


Mascot Camp: The Reagan High School Mascots received the highest honor possible: Mascot Camp Cham

pions.  A special congratulations is extended to 2017-18 RHS mascots Allie Wood and Blake Martindale for their exceptional dedication and spirit.


A special thank you is extended to the RHS sponsors of these outstanding organizations: Valeria Sisson, Dance and Drill Team; Brooke McGilloway; Nick Hoenes, Cheer and Mascot. Your leadership and dedication is much appreciated. Reagan Spirit Teams love you!