SBMS Creates Educational Game, Wins National Award

Submitted By Jason Gordon

Scott Lipton (left), of Globaloria, presents Spring Branch Middle student Morgan Welch (center) with an award and a prize bag at the SBMS campus on October 25. Welch created an educational video game called “Help the Ocean.”

 Spring Branch Middle School student Morgan Welch created an educational hidden-object video game called “Help the Ocean” using Globaloria when she was in the sixth grade. Globaloria is a video game coding web-based program available on the Internet.

The educational video game Welch created was so impressive she was presented recently with a National Finalist Award from Globaloria. Only 45 students out of more than 10,000 entries nationwide received this award. On October 25, Scott Lipton of Globaloria, visited Spring Branch Middle to present Welch with her award as well as a prize bag filled with items such as gaming headphones, t-shirts, notebooks, and DVDs.

“I was really surprised when I found out they were coming to my school to give me an award,” said Welch, a current seventh-grader. “I think this taught me that if I work hard I will reach my goals because I definitely worked hard on this project.”

On the game she created, Welch was able to use the program to make objects in the ocean such as fish, an oil spill, or plastic water bottles move or disappear. There was also a message you could find in her game that would help you save the coral reef. If you found it, you’d earn more points.

“Some people said it was really cool and fun to play,” Welch said. “Others said it was hard, so I guess that’s like any educational game you create.”

Thanks to an initiative started by Comal ISD superintendent Andrew Kim, all Comal ISD sixth-grade students are required to take technology applications. Dawn Morgan teaches technology applications at Spring Branch Middle. Morgan had nothing but praise for Welch’s accomplishments.

“It’s incredible; she went above and beyond,” Morgan said. “She did so much on her own time. She had so much ambition and drive. She came in early and stayed late to make sure she got her project finished. A lot of kids didn’t complete their games, but not only did she complete it, she won the award. That kind of ambition and drive, and interest in this subject, will be great for her future.”