SBMS Orchestra Glows In Masquerade Concert

Submitted By Jason Gordon

Students dressed up in costumes such as Little Red Riding Hood, a cat, skeletons and vampires for the masquerade concert on October 18.

 Instructor Stacie Glowka and the Spring Branch Middle School Orchestra put on a masquerade concert October 18 in front of more than 250 family, faculty members and friends in the school’s cafetorium.

Students dressed up in costumes such as Little Red Riding Hood, a cat, skeletons and vampires. The instruments they played were the violin, viola, cello, and bass.

The beginner orchestra started off the evening’s events, playing five songs, followed by the intermediate orchestra, which played four songs.

The chamber orchestra, filled with advanced students, capped off the night by playing three pieces, including “Labyrinth,” and their finale “Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space.” It was performed with the stage darkened, lit by only black lights and the glow-sticks attached to the bows the students were playing their instruments with.

“It made for an incredible visual effect,” said Glowka. “We had so many compliments. I saw this done many years ago and always wanted to duplicate the dark stage and glow-stick effect. I told our current eighth graders two years ago that we would do it one day, and I’m glad it turned out so well.”

Spring Branch Middle principal Chris Smith agreed the event was a huge success.

“It was a fantastic concert,” said Smith. “I was so impressed to see the growth both the program and the kids have made in orchestra over the past couple of years.”

Orchestra began in Comal ISD on a limited basis in 2014. Now, all five of the district’s middle schools have orchestra programs. In addition, all 18 Comal ISD elementary schools have strings programs.

“We’re also very proud of the fact this is the first year our orchestra will be competing in UIL this spring,” Smith said. “We’ve come a long way in a very short time and that has a lot to do with the work ethic of our students and the incredible talent Ms. Glowka brings to the table as an instructor.”