Spring Branch Students Recognized In Patriot’s Pen Contest


Spring Branch Students Recognized In Patriot’s Pen Contest

Submitted By Jason Gordon


It didn’t take Margaret Brooks long to decide what to write when coming up with an essay about “America’s gift to my generation,” the theme in this school year’s Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest, sponsored by the local VFW.

In the simplest terms, she wrote about freedom. But if you dig deeper into the 350-word essay Brooks penned in just under an hour, she also talks about the fact that because she lives in America she’s afforded the freedom to follow her own dreams.

“One of my favorite freedoms is women’s rights,” Brooks said. “When I grow up, I want to be an author or a lawyer. When I tell people my life’s ambitions, no one laughs or states, ‘but you’re a girl!’ The reason this is the case is because the women of past generations have fought so that girls of the future can pursue their dreams and make their own choices without being held back. They have given us the power of choice.”

Brooks’ essay advanced to the district level and for this she was awarded a certificate as well as a $25 Walmart gift card.

Fellow Spring Branch Middle students Andrew Barge and Vincent Chamorro also received certificates for participating in the Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest. They were handed out by local VFW Post 8800 representative Ty Teel when he visited the campus on January 18. In addition, SBMS teacher Paul Bueno received a certificate for encouraging his students to participate in the contest.

“I really love writing, it’s one of my favorite things,” Brooks said. “I would encourage others to write as well and to tell their stories. I plan on writing well into the future.”

The Patriot’s Pen Essay program also coincides with Comal ISD’s writing initiative.

“Writing helps kids solidify thought,” said Melody Howard, English Language Arts Coordinator. “They get to see on paper what they think in their head. It’s exciting to see so many students in this contest.”