Smithson Valley Junior Attends Program At Princeton

Smithson Valley Junior Attends Program At Princeton


Reginald Warren, a junior at Smithson Valley High School, attended “The Global Issues in the 21st Century” program at Princeton University from June 24-July 14. 

Warren was enrolled in the course: Politics in the Middle East, where he, along with an international assembly of students, attended classes seven days a week throughout the three-week course. He lived in Whitman Residence Hall and classes were held in McDonnell Hall at Princeton University. 

Warren had classmates from across the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, China, the Czech Republic, Chile, Portugal, Singapore, and India. 

Students learned about and discussed the history of the Middle Eastern Region, including northern Africa, and the political evolution and complexities of the area.

Warren found the willingness of his classmates and roommates to listen to one another and respect differing opinions on sensitive issues one of the most valuable takeaways from this experience.  

 “The work and discussions were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced,” Warren said. “The incredible amount of knowledge everyone shared, along with the different perspectives and vast experiences from everyone participating, was amazing.”

Warren added he plans to continue international studies on global politics and foreign relations beyond high school. 

            “After the excellent instruction and training I received here, I know it will only help in my future studies,” he said. “It was the experience of a lifetime.”