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Military Dad to Reunite with Sons During Surprise Homecoming

Special To Welcome Home

On December 14, 2016 two NEISD campuses welcomed Major Evan Chung of the United States Army as part of a surprise reunion with his two sons; Trey Wilson  a sixth-grade student at Lopez Middle School and Hunter Chung a tenth-grade student at Reagan High School. Major Chung’s nephew, Ryan Bush, was in the same class as Hunter when Major Chung arrived. The students had no idea that their father and uncle had returned after a 6-month deployment in Afghanistan.   Major Chung had been serving his third tour overseas. Surprising his two sons and nephew in front of their fellow classmates kicked-off his return to the United States and the holidays with his family. Major Chung’s wife, Nickola Wilson-Chung, a Retired Major in the Army was in on the big surprise for her sons and nephew. Major Chung has served in the military for 19 years. Welcome Home would like to thank Major Chung and his family for their years of service and dedication.

Panthers Celebrate Ten Years

Submitted By Kim Adamski

: In October, Lopez Middle School students celebrate 10 years of education at Pantherama.

Lopez Middle School celebrated 10 years of education on October 14 at the school’s annual event, Pantherama. Sponsored by Lopez PTA, Pantherama serves many purposes. The event brings together family and friends to celebrate the wonderful Lopez school community while helping school clubs fundraise for the year. Pantherama came to a close as it does every year with a dance in the cafetorium.

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The Diverse Interests of Lopez Panthers

Submitted by Kim Adamski

Middle school students face many obstacles during the transition from childhood into young adulthood. Parents strive to influence their children, particularly during this time, so that they are prepared to make good decisions and experience success. One way to facilitate this is through encouraging students to dabble in different hobbies and activities to see what really sparks their interest. Thanks to the efforts of the wonderful faculty and volunteers at Jose M. Lopez Middle School, Panthers have the opportunity to experience a variety of after school activities ranging from athletics to the mysterious Dr. Who Club.

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