It’s All In The Family At Tex Hill Garden

Submitted By Melinda Cox & Danae Benavides


The new 2017-18 school year is here which marks the second year for the Tex Hill Middle School PTSA Guardians of the Garden Club.

Over the spring and summer season, garden club students and volunteers were able to harvest a wide variety of produce including green beans, melons, butternut squash, mint, cucumbers, pumpkins, and even corn. Now, the fall planting season is just around the corner.

“There are exciting things in store for club members, the Hill garden and the Hill campus,” said new Hill PTSA Healthy Lifestyles Chair, Art Vazquez. “The students in this club are the right age to benefit from knowledge about the garden. I look forward to helping students at the Hill campus and know we will all enjoy the time outdoors and the time together.”

Mr. Vazquez may be new to the Hill PTSA, but not to the task of gardening. He’s been gardening since he was a child and is currently enrolled in a master gardener program so that he can work with the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. He’s also grandpa to the Tex Hill Garden Club president, Danae Benavides.

Danae is excited to be entering her second year as president of the Hill Garden Club. She is looking forward to teaching others about how plants grow and working together as a team. This dedicated gardener is also very happy to be getting a little help from her grandpa. Danae knows that her grandpa Art is the right man for the job.

“He will help the garden grow bigger and stronger by making sure we grow a variety of fruits and vegetables that have a lot of nutrients in them,” Danae said. “Keeping the garden green and healthy is my Grandpa’s favorite part about gardening.”

The Hill Tiger PTSA believes that the Hill campus is stronger when everyone works together. There are many different volunteer opportunities available at Hill Middle School. The PTSA is very grateful for all volunteers on campus, especially one special grandpa.