Thousand Oaks Elementary Celebrates Texas Archaeology Month!

Submitted By Jenness Davidson

“Legacy: Hands on the Past,” an outreach program dedicated to educating the public about archaeology and cultural preservation, visited Thousand Oaks Elementary during Texas Archaeology Month.

Thousand Oaks Elementary was fortunate to welcome “Legacy: Hands on the Past” to campus the week of October 24 to celebrate Texas Archaeology Month! “Legacy: Hands on the Past” is an outreach program associated with the Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Their mission is to enrich the community through public education in archaeology and cultural preservation to promote a collective responsibility for our diverse and shared past.

Students handled a cow jaw bone while playing “Artifact or Not?”

The staff from “Legacy: Hands on the Past” taught Thousand Oaks’ students about the field of archaeology by explaining the language of the discipline so that they could understand and correctly use such terms as artifact, ecofact, field work, trawl, excavation, and stratigraphy. Students also learned how archaeology differs from paleontology. They were able to make connections to archaeology since many have been to the Alamo, a very famous archaeology site. Excitement filled the room as students found out that archaeology is even related to Mindcraft!    Students were also engaged as they played an interactive game called, “Artifact or Not?” while enjoying a hands-on experience handling an arrowhead, musket ball, pottery, and a jawbone of a cow.

The “Legacy: Hands on the Past” presentation concluded with a discussion about career paths into the field ofarchaeology. Students learned that it is a multidisciplinary field which requires them to complete college. Many students expressed an interest in archaeology as a career choice.