Veterans Day Celebrated Across Comal ISD









Veterans Day Celebrated Across Comal ISD

Submitted By Jason Gordon


Juan Rodriguez summed up Veterans Day ceremonies held at Comal ISD campuses throughout the district best.

“I’m very grateful to be able to thank those veterans who served before me and to meet some of the young people who will be serving our country in the future,” said Rodriguez, a retired Army Major who had two tours in Iraq during his 20 years in active military. “What this school district and, the kids and the faculty do for us each year on Veterans Day makes me proud.”

Canyon High School Junior ROTC student Jamie Marte said it’s very important to show respect to those who served our country.

“Veterans Day is important because not only did my father serve in the military but several other family members did as well,” Marte said. “All of our veterans made so many sacrifices and for that we forever owe them a debt of gratitude. It makes me proud to be an American knowing there are brave people like this around me willing to go out and do whatever it takes to keep us safe. I can’t wait to join the army so I can serve my country just like they did.”

Canyon Lake High Junior ROTC member Brayden Hight said he also plans on joining the military.

“When I get to thank a veteran I get such a feeling of gratitude,” said Hight. “I hope one day I can repay them for all the sacrifices they have made. That’s why I want to serve my country.”

The Canyon, Canyon Lake and Smithson Valley high school Junior ROTC programs visited and took part in numerous Veterans Day programs at elementary and middle schools around Comal ISD.

“I think when we step on an elementary school campus we can definitely be role models to the students,” said Christian Welch SVHS Junior ROTC member. “Those kids look up to us and hopefully some of them will not only become the future members of the Junior ROTC, but also a future generation of military leaders.”

Spring Branch Middle sixth-grade student Ryder Bonser said he looks forward to the Veterans Day ceremony at his campus every year.

“It’s absolutely an honor to shake the hand of a veteran,” said Bonser. “They take care of us. I think it’s very important for kids to know just how meaningful veterans are to our country.”