VolunTOURism Opportunities In Rockport-Fulton

VolunTOURism Opportunities In Rockport-Fulton

Submitted By Rudy Arispe


The Rockport-Fulton area is making great progress in the recovery of Hurricane Harvey. To help aid that recovery process, the Rockport-Fulton area is offering a new approach to volunteering. It’s called “VolunTOURism.”

Volunteers of all ages are encouraged to come help the Rockport-Fulton communities rebuild and enjoy the beaches and the wonderful weather at the same time. Projects include everything from helping to repair homes to picking up trash.

“It’s simple to sign up, your support is so helpful, and it’s an extremely rewarding feeling to assist people who have suffered from a hurricane,” said Sandy Jumper, Vice President of Marketing and Promotion at the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

The community needs skilled specialists in roofing, electrical and plumbing. Some of the areas volunteers are being utilized are sheetrock installation, siding, mucking and gutting, yard/debris clean-up, flooring, administration, clerical, organization, answering incoming phone calls, packaging, working with elderly or disabled citizens and onsite camp housekeeping.

There are more than 800 overnight vacation rooms or just under half of the rooms available in the Rockport-Fulton area and more than 4,000 RV sites located in Aransas County are now open. Day trips are also encouraged. For those wanting to help, group housing is also available for $10 per night. This might be a good option for larger groups such as mission groups, middle school, high school, or college groups. Reservations need to be made ahead of time. Housing includes cots, showers, and three meals per day. Guests will need to bring sleeping bags, pillows, and personal protection equipment (gloves, sunscreen masks, etc.) and any other personal items needed.

Walk-ins are also welcome. Guests will check in at the Volunteer Reception Center located at the First Baptist Church on the corner of Live Oak Street and Enterprise Blvd. (1515 Live Oak, Rockport, TX 78382).

If you are interested in contributing without volunteering, monetary donations, building materials, tools and personal protection equipment, cleaning supplies, bug or sun protection, can be sent to: First Baptist Church Rockport for “Hands of Hope.”  For more information on volunteering to help Hurricane Harvey victims please contact:

hope@fbcrockport.net, amontgomery@aransascounty.org or call (361) 463-2186 or (210) 978-3479.