Future Leader Graduate

The future of NEISD is in good hands of these interns.
The future of NEISD is in good hands of these interns.

Special To Welcome Home

The North East ISD Administrative Training Program graduated 20 future leaders at the August Regular Board Meeting on August 8. Executive directors of school administration Joe Reasons, Jane Jensen, and Bill Boyd spent countless hours with this group of administrative interns, as part of the training program.

The graduates spent the year learning from each other, and learning from the principals in their schools. This real-world setting allowed them to explore a variety of practical and philosophical topics several times a month. Most importantly, these graduates took the time to hear from District administrators to learn the “North East” way, and from outside consultants, who have spoken on topics such as stress management and developing individual leadership styles.

All the administrative interns work on the important project of creating the NEISD Administrative Calendar. Each intern was called up to receive their Certificate of Achievement. These young educators are proof that NEISD will be in good hands in the future.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the District will be working with approximately 37 new interns and NEISD is looking forward to presenting them to the Board of Trustees next month.

The following 2015-2016 Administrative Interns were presented to the Board for graduation from the Administrative Training Program:

Anthony Allen, Assistant Principal at Ed White Middle School

Michael Amaya, Instructional Coach at Wood Middle School

Lydia Aranda, 5th grade ESL Teacher at Harmony Hills Elementary School

James Bills, 5th grade Teacher at Northwood Elementary School

Thomas Brooks, Assistant Principal at Roosevelt High School

Kimberly Charles, Assistant Principal at Harmony Hills Elementary School

Michele De La Garza, Assistant Principal at Tejeda Middle School

Thomas Erwin, Psychology/Government Teacher/Tennis Coach at Churchill High School

Dr. Patricia Garcia, AI Itinerant Teacher at Oak Meadow Elementary School

Delia Gauna, 4th grade Dual Language Teacher at Stone Oak Elementary School

Osana Gonzalez, Assistant Principal at Roosevelt High School

Sarah Hesles, 5th grade Teacher at Tuscany Heights Elementary School

Sarah Hinojosa, Assistant Principal at Lee High School

Shannon Kalisky, Assistant Principal at Royal Ridge Elementary School

Ida Nunez, Assistant Principal at Stone Oak Elementary School

Sean Reno, Assistant Principal at Johnson High School

Lenida Spurlock, Assistant Principal at Reagan High School

Ericka Stevens, Science Instructional Coach at Nimitz Middle School

Maria Tovar, Assistant Principal at Jackson-Keller Elementary School

Brooke Tribbey, English Teacher at Bush Middle School

From Ghana, With Love

The Heart Smiles is hoping to help 100 children in the near future.
The Heart Smiles is hoping to help 100 children in the near future.

By Jane Toh

Perhaps one of the greatest distinction of man is our innate and inherent ability to be compassionate and show it. In a broader sense, this is the definition of humanity. Humanity is the quality of being human, demonstrating attributes such as humaneness, kindness, and benevolence. Simply put our humanity is what makes us human. It is what separates us from other organisms. Now, I know today’s news tends to focus on all the negative situations worldwide. It seems every time a television, computer, or radio is turned on something devastating has occurred. Another shooting, another death, another loss. While these events are important we should also remember there is still so much good. As of late world media has spoken so little of the variety of humanitarian acts committed by people, but rest assured there is always hope…and in our city of San Antonio, hope has found a host in the local non-profit the Heart Smiles.

Ama Osei Bonsu founded the Heart Smiles with one goal in mind: to help children.
Ama Osei Bonsu founded the Heart Smiles with one goal in mind: to help children.

The Heart Smiles is a grassroots foundation founded by Ama Osei Bonsu and ran by a coalition of parents and teachers from Wilderness Oaks Elementary School. Their aim is simple: to alleviate poverty in Bonsu’s native country, Ghana, through the care and sponsoring, of orphaned and/or abandoned children. In order to facilitate this Bonsu and her associates work diligently, traveling between the United States and Africa, to provide essential necessities, such as medical care, three meals a day, schooling, and a safe haven, to those most vulnerable and in the most need, children. It all started with a dream. Since she herself was a young child Bonsu dreamed of one day helping others. In 2009, whilst on a trip to Ghana, she reached out to a village she had heard was in extreme poverty. There, Bonsu made contacts and found 50 orphans she could help. During that first trip the Good Samaritan bought food, clothes, toys, and hired a care-giver to watch and cook for the little ones. And thus The Heart Smiles was born.

Getting ready for the Heart Smiles Gala.
Getting ready for the Heart Smiles Gala.

Currently the foundation continues to house 50 children. The recent completion of a dormitory has been met with great happiness. It will provide housing for up to 60 children and 6 care takers. When asked what her greatest hope for the future was Bonsu answered simply, “To help more children.” The organization strives to expand the number of youngsters cared for, and they need all the help they can get. The Hearts Smile invites all to the 3rd annual Gala on September 17. All donations are subject to tax returns, and 100% of the profits will go directly to the children. It will certainly be a night to remember, a night of San Antonians coming together for a greater cause. More information regarding the Gala and the Heart Smiles can be found at www.theheartsmiles.org.

NEISD Meets With Senator Menendez

NEISD and Senator Menendez discussed the implementation of David’s Law in local schools.

Special To Welcome Home

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, North East ISD staff members attended a round-table discussion with State Senator José Menéndez. This event was organized by The South Texas Counseling Association. The round-table discussion provided an opportunity to meet and visit with Senator Menendez and to share with him input for his proposed legislation, “David’s Law.” NEISD personnel along with local counselors, school districts, university professors, therapists, and agencies discussed how “David’s Law” might impact their work with students.

The visit also allowed NEISD to potentially have an impact on the upcoming legislative session. State Senator José Menéndez is planning to file David’s Law in the 2017 legislative session with the intent to update anti-bullying laws and the incorporation of policies that address cyberbullying.

“Our laws need to keep pace with evolving technology,” said Melendez. David’s Law, named after a student who was bullied on social media, will make it a Class B misdemeanor to electronically harass or bully anyone under the age of 18.