Google Expeditions At Roan Forest Elementary

Photo: The Roan Forest students exclaimed in awe at the sights that the 3-D virtual viewfinders revealed.

Submitted By April Muzquiz

On Friday, October 23rd, second through fifth grade students at Roan Forest participated in the Google Expeditions Pioneer Program, which is touring selected schools around the U.S. to gain feedback on their latest virtual reality app geared towards education.

The students experienced virtual field trips to places such as the Amazon Rainforest, Ancient Greece, and underwater expeditions. The adventures were so realistic that the students exclaimed in awe at the sights that the 3-D virtual viewfinders revealed. Teachers guide the field trips with a tablet that is synced with smartphones placed within each viewfinder, all of which was supplied and setup by Google team members. Teachers were able to enhance instruction and lead their class through extraordinary sights including landforms of the world, walking on the moon, and swimming with sharks.

Roan Forest Principal, Martha Staufert, was thrilled to provide this opportunity to the students and incorporate the most innovative resources available into classroom instruction. Although the technology is not currently available for schools yet, as it is set to launch in 2016, students and staff agree that it promises to deliver amazing possibilities.

Johnson’s Red Ribbon Week

Photo: The Johnson Jaguars Celebrate Red Ribbon Week.

Submitted By Diane Valderama

The Johnson High School spirit groups and athletes visited area elementary schools, Roan Forest and Canyon Ridge, to help promote Red Ribbon Week. In its 30th year as the nation’s largest drug prevention campaign, Red Ribbon Week reaches over 100 million people.

Johnson’s Red Ribbon Week
Johnson High School students served as positive role models to the community elementary students.

It is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug awareness initiative observed annually in October. Johnson High School students served as positive role models to the community elementary students by opening car doors for students arriving to school, giving high-five greetings to students entering the front doors, wishing them a good day in the hallways on their way to class, and participating in the televised morning announcements.

The Johnson Jaguars are proud to bring drug prevention awareness to the community. The Jaguars want to remind everyone to stay drug and alcohol free!

New Emergency Medical Technician Course at Johnson HS

Photo: Left to right: Sebastian Gehrig, Remmington Eckhardt, Jorge Medina, Dana Hernandez, Justin Gilbert, John Hernandez, Ricardo Papacristofilou, Zane Danburg of the new emergency medical technician course at Johnson HS.

Written by Jean Padro, Remington Eckhart, and Jacob Gilbert

Claudia Taylor Johnson High School has a new program many people don’t know about. This Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is for those students that are highly motivated for careers in the medical field. An EMT is charged with responding to emergency situations to provide crucial aide and save lives. Many of the students in this class feel privileged to have the opportunity to partake in this rigorous curriculum. There are 20 seniors in the class and majority, if not all are looking forward to a career in the medical field.

One of those seniors, Jean Padro-Alvarado says, “Personally I am in the class and love the course, my plan is to become a paramedic and enlist in the United States Air Force as a Pararescueman.”

The EMT course provides a great stepping stone for all the students looking to go into the medical field.

Carter Ford another member of the class stated, “This class is a good way for me to learn something before I join the Army and become a combat medic.” Jorge Medina stated, “I am excited to learn how to save lives and have a good paying job after high school.”

A majority of the students are stressed with the amount of coursework that is required of them, not to mention the ambulance ride-outs and ER shifts they are required to complete each semester.   Continue reading New Emergency Medical Technician Course at Johnson HS