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Best Shark Vacuum For Pet Hair

Now that you know which are the best vacuums for pet hair, it’s time to acquaint ourselves with all the critical and resourceful information about vacuums and pet messes.
We will also expound on the cleaners and the technology involved.

If you want to make an informed purchase decision and get value for your money, keep it right here.

Company profile

shark vacuum logo
Shark is a US vacuum brand owned by SharkNinja Operating LLC. It started in 1995, but earlier, it was operating under the Euro-Pro Operating LLC.

The product portfolio consists of vacuums and mops while Ninja focuses on small kitchen appliances like food processors, coffeemakers, and multicookers.

The company has its headquarters in the US, but the products are manufactured in China. This is one way the company has managed to offer cheaper prices compared to Dyson which makes its vacuums in the UK and Malaysia.

Shark Navigator vs. Rotator vs. Rocket – Similarities and Differences


  • There are three types of Shark vacuums. Let’s try to find out what are the similarities and differences.
  • The Navigator, Rotator, and Rocket all come with 2-in-1 functionality meaning they can be used as uprights or canister.
  • They also feature a crevice tool and dusting brush as standard accessories.
  • However, individual models consist of different specialty tools.
  • HEPA filtration is also a feature they all boast though the latest models only have the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal design.

All three vacuums are bagless.

  • The notable difference between these three vacuums is the power output. The Navigator and Rotator are heavy duty vacuums that have 1200 Watts motors. The Rocket is a little bit smaller at 700 Watts.
  • Portability is also a difference with the Navigator and Rotator being heavy models while Rocket is lighter, under 10lbs.

Types of Shark Vacuums for Pet Hair

Shark is a big vacuum brand that manufactures all kinds of vacuums just like Dyson, Hoover, and Bissell.
Let’s discuss the types of vacuums it offers and the highlights of each type.

1. Shark canister vacuum for pet hair

Canisters come in a two-piece design featuring the canister which has the motor and bin and the floor nozzle.
The advantage of canisters is the flexibility, maneuverability and reach. You can use it to clean tight spaces and also the stairs.
The company offers one canister for pet hair – Rotator NR96.

2. Shark upright vacuum for pet hair

These are the best for the heavy duty usage because of the power and more extensive cleaning head. While the uprights from other brands have the limitation of reach and maneuverability, Shark is very versatile.
It comes with a feature called Lift-Away which transforms the vacuum form an upright to the handheld mode. Examples include APEX, Navigator, among others.

3. Shark stick vacuum for pet hair

The brand also manufactures stick vacuums. These are lightweight and very versatile as they can also be transformed into the handheld mode.
You have the option of choosing the corded stick vacuums or the cordless type. Examples of stick vacuums offered include Rocket DuoClean HV382 and IONFlex 2X.

4. Shark handheld vacuum for pet hair

There are several handheld vacuums for pet hair offered by this brand. Most of them are cordless and offer just a short runtime.
We have the likes of Shark ION W1 and Pet Perfect II.

5. Shark robot vacuum for pet hair

This brand has also ventured into the robot vacuums industry where it competes favorably with the likes of Roomba and Deebot.
So far, it has four robot cleaners in the market with the latest being the S87 that comes with a handheld vacuum included. Others include Shark ION R720 and R750.

Top Shark vacuum technologies

Robot vacuum
One of the reasons that have given Shark the edge in the vacuum cleaners industry is the investment in R&D and the industry-leading innovations. Just recently, it bagged the Three Dots Awards for Product Design 2019.
Here are some of the top technologies and innovations that have put Shark on the map.

1. DuoClean

Your typical vacuum comes with one brush roll but Shark vacuums come with a bristle and soft roller brush roll specially designed for carpets, and bare floors, as well as hair pick up.
No need to change cleaning heads, DuoClean Technology has got you covered. With Triple Particle Cleaning, it handles the large debris, small dirt particles and stuck on dirt like stains and grime.
Use the ‘bare floor’ setting on delicate floors and ‘brushroll’ setting on carpets, hard floors and stains.

The advantage is that there is a model with DuoClean Technology in all the vacuum types offered by the brand.
Some of the cleaners for pet hair that have this technology include; NV352, APEX, Navigator NV356E, e.t.c.

2. MultiFLEX

When cleaning under the furniture where the cleaner head can’t fit when standing, MultiFlex Technology offers a solution. You can disjoint the stick halfway then bend the wand to give the cleaner head a low profile to fit under the tight spots where most pet hair hides.
Besides the adjustability, MultiFlex Technology comes in handy during storage. Release the MultiFlex lock, fold it and wrap the cord. It doesn’t save much, but it’s worth having a low profile package.
MultiFlex Technology is available in several models including; APEX AX912, and APEX 951.

3. Lift-Away

If you ask any homeowner, an upright vacuum is the best, but still, you’d use some versatility of their canister counterparts.
But do you buy a canister and an upright? Hell no!
Shark brings you Lift-Away Technology which enables homeowners to transform the vacuum from an upright to a canister model. Basically, you detach the floor nozzle from the rest of the vacuum. Then, use the extension wand from the canister to connect it to the floor nozzle.

This feature has further been improved, and now we have the Powered Lift-Away, and the addition here is power for rotating the brushroll. Ordinary brushes depend on the little power from suction.

You will find the Lift-Away Technology in the NV352. On the other hand, the NV752 TruePet is among the vacuums with Powered Lift-Away.

4. ”Anti-Allergen Complete Seal”

Even though HEPA filters are almost 100% efficient in capturing allergens, most vacuums will still release the captured allergens back to the atmosphere.
”Anti-Allergen Complete Seal” Technology locks in 99.99% of allergens and dust while expelling clean air (based on ASTM F1977 down to 0.3 microns). It is all in the body design – there are no tiny spaces that can leak out the dust mites, dander, and pollen.
For asthma and allergy sufferers, ”Anti-Allergen Complete Seal” is a feature you can’t afford to miss.
Here are some of the models that come with this new feature; APEX AX952, Navigator NV352, Rotator NV502 among others.

5. Zero-M Technology

A bristle brush has proved to be a great deal in dealing with hair tangling. But it is not invincible especially if you have the heavy shedding and long-haired dog breeds.

Shark introduced Zero-M Technology, also known as Anti-Hair Wrap Technology. This is basically a mechanism that keeps cleaning the hairs from the brushroll ensuring that at no time the vacuum will get jammed. The brushroll has been engineered with a bristle guard which prevents the hair from attaching to the brushroll. Instead, an integrated comb actively grabs the hairs from the bristles.

Get a cleaner with Zero-M Technology and say bye to the scissors, and razors.
Among the models with this feature include; APEX® DuoClean® with Zero-M™ Powered Lift-Away® Upright, Navigator® Zero-M™ Lift-Away Speed™ Upright and Rocket® Zero-M™ Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum.

6. Active-Glide Technology

For one reason or another, pushing the floor nozzle on some surfaces may be strenuous.
Shark introduced the Active-Glide Technology which ensures smooth and effortless maneuvering on both bare floors and low-pile to thick carpets. Even the long individual strands of shag carpets won’t derail the maneuvering.

Active-Glide Technology is a pretty new feature available in select models only.
Here are some of the vacuums with Active-Glide Technology; APEX AX952

7. Noise Reduction

Vacuums are pretty noisy because of the motor and cyclonic action. To make matters worse, the more powerful the motor, the more the noise produced.
Shark as an industry leader has what we call Noise Reduction. The motor is fine-tuned to operate optimally, and efficiently emit minimal noise at lower pitches. The motor is firmly attached to the sturdy and robust body dampening the vibrations and ensuring the noise is concealed inside the vacuum cleaner.

If you like vacuuming at night or you don’t want to wake the baby and intimidate your pets, get a vacuum with Noise Reduction Technology.
An example of a vacuum with this technology is the APEX AX950/AX951/AX952 and AX912.

8. Advanced Swivel Steering

Steering the upright vacuum cleaners may not be a walk in the park, but with the revolutionary Advanced Swivel Steering Technology, your wrists won’t hurt anymore.
The swivel allows for easy and accurate turning. You need to move your wrist slightly, and the cleaner head turns effortlessly in the desired direction. No more awkward turning and bending to reach the dirt hiding in the corners and under furniture.

For easy maneuverability in and around furniture, here are the vacuums with Advanced Swivel Technology; NV356E, NV501, and APEX.

9. Advanced Cyclonic Technology

Even though Cyclonic vacuum technology is not an innovation from Shark, it has been revamped under the new label, Advanced Cyclonic Technology. In this vacuuming technology, a super fast vortex sucks dust and dirt from dirty air that is whirling around at high speed. On the other hand, centrifugal forces separate particles from dust and collect them in the bag or dust cup.

The advantage of Cyclonic Technology is better cleaning results because of the high suction power generated.
In addition, Shark vacuums with Advanced Cyclonic Technology require less maintenance because of reduced clogging and consequently, longer filter life.

Most of the new models have this technology. In this age, don’t settle for anything less than a Cyclonic vacuum. That’s what built the Dyson empire, but still, it is not this UK vacuum brand that invented Cyclonic technology.
Other technologies include Smart Response™ Technology and LED Headlights for illuminating the dark corners.

Factors to consider when buying a Shark vacuum for pet hair

Vacuum cleaner
The brand is always essential when shopping for anything; vacuums are no exception.
Now that you have settled for Shark, a top brand, which are the other aspects to consider?
That’s what we are about to find out in this section.

1. Where are you vacuuming?

The most crucial thing to consider when buying a vacuum for pet hair is the application. Are you trying to pick up pet hair from hard floors, carpets, high up places, under furniture, upholstery or in your car?

Prioritize your needs and choose a cleaner accordingly.
If most of the pet hair is on carpets, get a vacuum for carpets and pet hair.
On the hardwood, make sure the cleaner you pick is gentle on the fragile floor and still picks up the pet hair.

If your pets like to hide under furniture, pick a model with Lift-Away Technology while on those high up places, a lightweight Shark stick vacuum is the most ideal.
On the other hand, pet owners who take their pets for a ride will need a Shark handheld vacuum to remove the pet hair from the car upholstery.

2. Corded or cordless models

Shark manufactures both corded and cordless models. Make sure you know which types fit your needs.
Corded vacuums have a power cord for supplying power from the mains.
When you choose this type, make sure to check the cord length. It’s recommended that you go for the most extended cord for the best reach.

Also, check whether there are concerns with tangling, a common problem with long power cords.
The quality also matters but you can trust Shark with this.

The advantage of corded vacuums is the continuous runtime. You can vacuum for as long as you have electricity.

On the other hand, cordless vacuums come with rechargeable battery packs. The common technology is Lithium-ion and Nickel-Cadmium.

You don’t have to worry about cords or reachability as you can vacuum anywhere without minding the distance from the electricity mains.
The shortcoming, however, is limited runtime. You can’t vacuum for long without interruption because the battery requires recharging.
That said, make sure you buy a vacuum with the longest runtime or better still, buy an extra battery pack.

3. Bagged vs. bagless

Vacuums can either be bagged or bagless. Whichever way you decide to go, there are pros and cons.
So, what should you expect from Shark?
Most of the Shark vacuums are bagless meaning they come with a dust cup.

  • The advantage is that maintenance costs are low because you only need to wash the cup and it’s ready for use again.
  • Another benefit of bagless cleaners is that the suction remains constant throughout unlike the bagged models which tend to lose suction as the bag fills.
  • On the downside, it is messy to empty the dust cup – allergy sufferers may end up inhaling the allergens when emptying.
  • The bagless vacuums also wear down the filter faster.
  • The bagged vacuums come with disposable bags, and these are best for allergy sufferers.
  • This is because they can be quickly emptied without the risk of coming to contact with the allergens and dirt. Just throw the bag away together with its contents – it’s that hygienic.
  • The problem with these bags is that they are expensive and may go down with a few hundred dollars annually.

Regardless of which type you will choose, you will need to consider the bin or bag capacity. Go for large capacity if you deal with a lot of dirt. But then, this will be highly determined by the type of vacuum. More often, the bigger the vacuum, the larger the bin/bag.

4. Suction power

Also known as vacuum power, this is a fundamental aspect that determines the overall performance of vacuums.
The higher the suction power, the better the performance. But then, there’s also the deal with operation noise and efficiency. A good vacuum cleaner should have an efficient motor that operates quietly.
When shopping, look out for the high-performance motors with the highest suction power. Note that the suction power varies depending on the type of vacuum.
The larger upright models boast up to 270 AW while the stick and handheld vacuums have the lowest suction – around 20 – 30AW

Regarding operation noise, you want a cleaner that won’t intimidate your pets. Noise Reduction is a top feature you want to have.

5. Filtration system

You will agree with me that pet messes are accompanied by bad odor and allergens that may trigger symptoms like sneezing and wheezing.

Mind you; there is no hypoallergenic dog or cat so to be on the safe side, look out for HEPA filters because of the 99.99% efficiency and most importantly, the ability to filter down to 0.3 microns.

Apart from the filtration system, you need to consider a vacuum with “Anti-Allergen Complete Seal” This technology ensures that not even the smallest particles escape the filter or the bag/dust cup. The entire vacuum body is also sealed and guarantees that no air leaks out. In the end, the captured dirty air that includes allergens and the bad odor causing elements.

6. Brush system

While suction power is an integral aspect in vacuuming, the brush system is equally important.
Bare floors require a soft brush while carpets and stains are dealt with appropriately by a tougher bristle brush.


The good thing is that Shark combines the two types of brushes, so you don’t need to be changing cleaning heads now and then.
For pet hair, make sure you buy a vacuum with a brush that doesn’t get tangled.

A new technology called Zero-M is what you need to scout for. It prevents the long pet hairs from embedding themselves on the bristles.

7. Accessories

One of the most important factors when choosing a Shark model is the accessories included. As you are aware, you will find several models of the same Shark vacuum cleaner. The difference usually is in the specialty tools included in the package.

There are so many vacuum accessories, each designed to solve a range of cleaning problems. Here are some essential pet hair cleaning accessories that the best Shark vacuum for pet hair shouldn’t miss.

  • 1. Upholstery Tool – This tool will come in handy when removing pet hair from upholstery like sofas and car interiors, curtains, mattresses, and such surfaces.
  • 2. Motorized Pet Tool – This accessory is for removing embedded dirt and pet hair on upholstery, bookshelf, ceiling, car interior, and other places.
  • 3. Anti-Allergen Dust Brush – Best for dusting the fine dust and dust mites that trigger allergies.
  • 4. Duster Crevice Tool – It has a compact design that fits into small spaces while the brush cleans a multitude of surfaces.
  • 5. MultiFLEX™ Under-appliance wand – The wand allows you to clean under household fittings and furniture where most pet hair settles.
  • 6. Accessory bag – Used for keeping the small accessories safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Shark vacuums cost?
Depending on the model, these vacuums cost $100 to $400. Compared to what the competition offers, we can say that these vacuums are averagely priced.
They are cheaper than Dyson vacuums but offer the same performance and perhaps better features, especially in terms of versatility.
As you are aware, most Shark uprights can be used as canisters as well.

What is the best Shark vacuum?
Well, it depends on the type of cleaner you want. There are some perfect canisters, as well as uprights.
You will also not lack options in the handheld and stick options.
If you want the best vacuum for pet hair, go for a model with the vital pet hair accessories, a HEPA filter, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal design, and Zero-M Technology.
If you are looking for a household vacuum for pet hair, we recommend Shark Rotator TruePet Lift-Away NV752. It is powerful, versatile and offers great value for money.

Which Shark DuoClean is the best?
The APEX DuoClean AX952 with Zero-M is the best model with DuoClean Technology. It offers excellent performance just like the Rotator TruePet Lift-Away NV752, and the advantage is two brushes compared to the single brush in the NV752.
Besides DuoClean Technology, the AX952 comes with the new Active-Glide Technology, Noise Reduction, and Zero-M Technology.

Is Dyson better than Shark?
Both brands insist that their vacuums have the best suction.
In fact, Dyson sued Shark for saying its vacuums are more potent than Dyson’s and ended up losing an $18m suit to the UK based brand.
In terms of suction power, Dyson has the upper hand.
However, the versatility of Shark is irresistible. The company also offers better value for money than the expensive Dyson vacuums.

How often should I change filters on my Shark vacuum?
Shark doesn’t insist on regular filter replacement. All they recommend is to clean them after each session.

Is it easy to vacuum stairs with Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet?
Shark Rotator Lift-Away TruePet upright vacuum is quite convenient in use. It’s heavy, but the cleaning head is small enough to fit any steps. We also like its extra long 30 ft cord. A hand held configuration and additional tools are also useful for extremely challenging places.

Wrapping up

That’s it for today ladies and gentlemen. As you have seen, Shark offers some really reliable vacuums for pet hair and pet messes in general.
So, which is your favorite Shark vacuum for pet hair? Talk to us in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to our price drop alerts. We’ll be notifying you whenever there is a sale or discounts!